Y3/4 Cricket

Y3/4 Cricket


OMG! Today was the best day ever, on Friday 11th November we had a cricket competiton!!

It was really fun and really competitivewith lots of games, the other schools were Yardley Wood and Bells Farm.

Lily-Rose, Harvey, Kian and Bethany won badges. Year 3 were 3rd and Y4 were second.

I glad I went, maybe next time you should go.

By Kiera Y4

_20161111_205514 _20161111_205559

I caught a tennis ball which meant someone who was batting was out. I hit ball really far it was amazing.

Ethan Y4

I hit the ball really high and far, but got myself out as I hit my own wicket.

Harry Y3

We played at Kings Heath Boys School, it was amazing. I was really good, so was my team. I hit the ball spinning so high I couldn’t see it.

Thomas Y3

_20161111_204603 IMG_20161111_140340

Well done everyone that went.

Y3 Tom, Harry, Harvey, Max, Lily-Rose, Isobel

Y4 Kian, Charlie, Terrell, Ethan, Beth, Kiera.




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