7.11.16 KS1 Dance

7.11.16 KS1 Dance

Year 2 had been working really had on this for a few weeks with Miss Vaughan, although they magpied some of the dance from their Friday dance club, they still had to teach it to the others and add some new parts. They were all so excited.

IMG_20161108_131024 IMG_20161108_133844 IMG_20161108_133923 IMG_20161108_145153

They chose to dance to Taylor Swift ‘Shake it off’ which another school also did, but Hollywood’s use of the floor, varied movements, pathways and transitions along with beaming smiles won the day and Hollywood got their dancing shield back again. Loui and Renai won badges for determination in their dancing

You can see an extract of the dance on the school twitter feed https://twitter.com/HollywoodPSUK/status/796035858977746944

Well done – Loui, Kasey Mae, Renai, Eva, Megan, Alexa, Blake, Hayden and Lexi.

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