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15.11.16 Partnership Basketball

15.11.16 Partnership Basketball


Champions again 5th time in a row after an overtime win with a 10ft teardrop from Terrell.

Defending champions dominated from the word go in the competition, but the ball would not drop like it had in previous years so they had to make sure they had lots of shots. Everyone from scorers to substitute had a role to play, defending and moving forward as a team. In the final they went 0-2 down, to lead 6-2. In the final moments they were brought back to 6-6 and went into over time, which was sealed within 10 seconds by the winning swoosh!

The team go to the school games again in February.

Terrel, Josh, Amaan, Caitlin, Kai and Cienna


Y3/4 Cricket

Y3/4 Cricket


OMG! Today was the best day ever, on Friday 11th November we had a cricket competiton!!

It was really fun and really competitivewith lots of games, the other schools were Yardley Wood and Bells Farm.

Lily-Rose, Harvey, Kian and Bethany won badges. Year 3 were 3rd and Y4 were second.

I glad I went, maybe next time you should go.

By Kiera Y4

_20161111_205514 _20161111_205559

I caught a tennis ball which meant someone who was batting was out. I hit ball really far it was amazing.

Ethan Y4

I hit the ball really high and far, but got myself out as I hit my own wicket.

Harry Y3

We played at Kings Heath Boys School, it was amazing. I was really good, so was my team. I hit the ball spinning so high I couldn’t see it.

Thomas Y3

_20161111_204603 IMG_20161111_140340

Well done everyone that went.

Y3 Tom, Harry, Harvey, Max, Lily-Rose, Isobel

Y4 Kian, Charlie, Terrell, Ethan, Beth, Kiera.




7.11.16 KS1 Dance

7.11.16 KS1 Dance

Year 2 had been working really had on this for a few weeks with Miss Vaughan, although they magpied some of the dance from their Friday dance club, they still had to teach it to the others and add some new parts. They were all so excited.

IMG_20161108_131024 IMG_20161108_133844 IMG_20161108_133923 IMG_20161108_145153

They chose to dance to Taylor Swift ‘Shake it off’ which another school also did, but Hollywood’s use of the floor, varied movements, pathways and transitions along with beaming smiles won the day and Hollywood got their dancing shield back again. Loui and Renai won badges for determination in their dancing

You can see an extract of the dance on the school twitter feed

Well done – Loui, Kasey Mae, Renai, Eva, Megan, Alexa, Blake, Hayden and Lexi.

4.11.16 Y5/6 Boys Football league vs St Ambrose

4.11.16 Y5/6 Boys Football league vs St Ambrose

The ‘dab’ kings were in action again. But again the result was the same. Playing with smiles on their faces despite the frustration of leaking goals, the team put in their best performance against a well organized team that had academy players.

Although they went 0-2 early they did score to make it 1-2 and it stayed like that until the last 5 mins when the unfortunately conceded 2 more.

Again the second half was closer that the score made out. Whilst they didn’t get another shot on target their very busy team work kept the score to 0-0 for most of the second half, but they finally conceded another 5 making the final score 1-9 to St Ambrose.

After Christmas we should see more success for the boys in particular the 4 aside

Team – Lewis, Jacob, Alfie, Josh, Lewis, Rhys, Kyle, Jack.

IMG_20161107_072256 IMG_20161104_160417019

3.11.16 Y5/6 Hockey

3.11.16 Y5/6 Hockey

A massive 10 teams from 8 school took part in the first partnership event at Hollywood on behalf of the King Heaths Partnership.

All Hollywoods games were close, never conceding more than 1 goal. 1-1, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1. Unfortunately they didn’t qualify from their group and went out of the competition.

Team – Kyle, Shauna, Emma, Kayliegh, Lleyton, Kyran


Competition update

Competition update

17.10.16 Y5/6 Cross country

The team participated again 5 schools over a course of 1200m. Both Boys and girls races were run very quick with first finishers crossing the line in under 5mins.

Kai was Hollywood’s first boy (3rd) and Abbie (5th) the first girl. We finished 3rd overall on the night. A great effort on the new course.

Other runners – Charlotte, Isabelle, Elijah, Charlie, Eddie, Josh, Daniel and Lewis

21.10.16 Y4-6 Girls football league vs Severne

The girls were buoyant whilst travelling on the minibus for the first time. They had beaten Severne at the competition 2 weeks earlier, but felt nervous as Mr Ryan had been replaced by Mrs Grundy at the side of the pitch.

When they arrived they were faced with a much larger team than they had seen previously and in the first half were muscled off the ball by their bigger and stronger opponents and finished 0-4 down.

In the second half the girls showed great grit and determination, giving Severne a taste of their own medicine. Although they lost the second half 0-2, it was a huge improvement. But Mr Ryan the bad luck charm had struck again. Sorry Girls.

Team – Charlie, Charlotte, Emily, Gracie, Emma, Jessica and Abbie.