6.3.15 Girls Football League

6.3.15 Girls Football League

For only the second time this academic year, Hollywood sent out the girls to play football for the first 2 of 10 planned league games.

They were starting with 2 of the hardest games they could, so were told to go out and enjoy themselves. The first game was against St Bernards and Hollywood were amazing, they were always first to the ball and we avidly cheered on by the supporters from the side. When Eden scored for Hollywood the crowd went wild, but when she scored for the second time the crowd went into delerium. With the final score 2-0 it was the first time in 2 years we had scored more thanĀ 1 goal.

Full of enthusiasm, but very tired, They played against an experienced Moseley team unfortunately, although the score read 0-6 the team again played really well and had they been fresh the result very likely different.

On her birthday Lauren Miles reluctantly playing in goal, looked like a professional with some amazing saves and goal kicks, she enjoyed herself so much she wants to play there again.

Well done all team members, supporters and coach Mrs Metcalf. Lauren M, Eden W (2 goals), Lucy PC, Emily H, Poppy W, Sophie S, Lucy H, Kerri F, Evie H.


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